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About Apexloads

Apexloads is an online load board that connects cargo owners with transporters to streamline the freight-truck matching process and facilitate faster payments.

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Work Faster, Smarter and Easier. Book loads in the comfort of your own home, office, or favorite food joint. No more having to waste time going to the station to figure out where and which loads there are. Do it on the app! All the detailed information about the truck, the load, where to find it, is readily available. There’s no need to go somewhere to look for it.

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As the middleman, it has never been easier to find the carrier that is closest to you! This means that your load gets picked up as fast as possible. You will free up more time, space, build your network faster and be more efficient. Guaranteed less waiting, given you get your loads are covered as fast as possible with the ability to monitor/track in real time.

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You get to realize all the benefits our clients do. Save time and costs on phone calls, or logistics. All up-to-date information is available on your fingertips.

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