Apexloads Is An Online Load Board.

We set out to build a class leading Platform for professionals by professional when we recognized an opportunity to improve efficiency in the logistics business. Over the past 3 years, we have been driven to explore how technology could build a better load board and fill an industry gap. We found a need to make it easier to connect the driver, the loader, and the destination.

Time is a valuable commodity, therefore saving time wherever possible has been the main driver for improving this platform. We verify all our transporters and work to make sure that as little time as possible is wasted looking for and coordinating loads. We want to equip our customers with a toolbox of practical solutions to help them succeed.

Our stakeholders have invested and continue to invest in a proven team to grow this platform to be able to better serve you, our trusted clients. We will continue to innovate, improve, and grow to make ApexLoads the best place for shippers, brokers, and transporters to work together.

Revolutionizing Logistics in Africa

Apexloads is at the forefront of transforming the logistics landscape in Africa. We are committed to addressing the critical challenges faced by the logistics sector, paving the way for a more efficient, transparent, and reliable industry. Our mission is to leverage innovative technology and strategic industry-wide collaboration to enhance the operations of third-party logistics providers (3PLs)—including freight forwarders, brokers, and transporters.

The Triple Challenge

Africa's logistics sector is essential for economic growth, yet it is plagued by formidable challenges that hamper efficiency and stifle progress. At Apexloads, we understand these challenges deeply and have crafted our solutions to tackle them head-on:

  1. Limited Visibility and Connectivity

    The logistics landscape in Africa suffers from a lack of visibility and connectivity among 3PLs, cargo owners, and transporters. This fragmentation results in cargo owners struggling to find available transportation capacity, while transporters miss out on potential loads. Apexloads addresses this by offering a centralized digital freight marketplace that streamlines the freight-truck matching process, reducing inefficiencies and maximizing resource utilization.

  2. The Absence of Standards and Regulations

    Unlike regions with more developed logistics frameworks, Africa lacks a centralized authority to enforce standards and regulations. This regulatory vacuum breeds an environment where trust is scarce, and transparency is elusive. Our EAC Profile verification system ensures that all players adhere to high standards of professionalism and compliance, building the trust necessary for smooth operations and growth.

  3. Cash Flow Disruptions

    The logistics industry's payment practices, characterized by extended invoice terms, pose significant cash flow challenges for 3PLs. These delays can be devastating, especially for smaller transporters. To address this, we are developing an invoice factoring service that will provide quicker payment processes, helping 3PLs maintain healthy cash flows and ensuring operational sustainability.

Our Solutions

Apexloads is dedicated to creating comprehensive solutions that address the core challenges of the logistics industry in Africa. Our current offerings and future developments include:

  1. Load Board

    Our real-time load board connects cargo owners with transporters, facilitating efficient load matching and maximizing the use of available resources.

  2. Load Board

    The EAC Profile verification system ensures that 3PLs are credentialed and compliant, enhancing trust and transparency within the logistics ecosystem.

  3. Transportation Relationship Manager (TRM)

    We are building a Unified Logistics Platform that combines the functionalities of a Load Board, Transportation Management System (TMS), Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), and real-time shipment visibility. The TRM will create a holistic approach to managing logistics, enabling higher efficiency and better service delivery.

  4. Invoice Factoring Service

    Our upcoming invoice factoring service will address the critical issue of cash flow disruptions by offering faster payment solutions, ensuring that 3PLs can meet their financial obligations and sustain their operations

Our Vision

We envision a future where Africa's logistics sector is a beacon of efficiency, transparency, and innovation. By adopting and implementing proven solutions, we aim to elevate the entire industry, fostering economic growth and regional integration.

Join us at Apexloads as we revolutionize the logistics industry in Africa. Together, we can overcome the challenges and build a more efficient, interconnected, and prosperous logistics ecosystem. Welcome to the future of logistics in Africa, welcome to Apexloads!

Meet Our Founder


Charles Thuo

Charles Thuo is a visionary leader and innovator in the logistics sector, with a deep-rooted connection to Africa and a profound understanding of the logistics challenges and opportunities within the continent. Born and raised in Kenya, Charles embarked on an educational and professional journey in the United States at the age of 20, earning an Associate of Applied Science in General Engineering Technology from Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. His academic pursuits were complemented by a distinguished military career as a Captain in the Oklahoma Army National Guard and practical experience in combat engineering.

Charles's professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the aerospace sector, including roles as an aerospace engineer at Cessna and Boeing Defense, where he specialized in structural analysis and design for high-profile aviation projects. Leveraging his extensive background in engineering and logistics, Charles transitioned to entrepreneurship as the Founder and CEO of Apexloads INC., a trailblazing logistics technology company with a mission to revolutionize Africa's logistics industry.

At Apexloads, Charles is spearheading the development of innovative solutions such as the Transportation Relationship Manager (TRM) and the EAC Profile, designed to address the unique challenges of the African logistics sector by integrating proven North American technologies and best practices. These platforms aim to enhance efficiency, transparency, and reliability in logistics operations across the continent.

Through his work, Charles is not only contributing to the economic development of Africa but also fulfilling a personal mission to bring back and implement the knowledge and solutions acquired abroad.

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